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On 23rd March, to mark the first anniversary of the first lockdown, the First 1001 Days Movement has launched a new element to our campaign to recognise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on babies and their families. 

In the last year, over 600,000 babies have been born who have lived their whole lives in the pandemic. 

COVID-19 and the measures to control it have affected babies in different ways. Our research has shown that, for some, the impact will be serious and long term if support is not put in place.

  • Local authorities reported more than 100 serious incidents of injury and death involving babies under one between April and October 2020. This is an increase of  50% on the previous six months. Of all the serious incidents involving children in that period, 36% were babies under one.
  • In a survey for our Working for Babies research 98% of practioners reported that babies they work with were affected by parental anxiety, stress and depression which was making it harder for parents to provide their babies with the sensitive, responsive care which is so vital for early development.

Yet there is a “baby blindspot” in Government policy, with £1.7bn catch-up funding allocated for older children in England and NOTHING for babies.

The #WhatAboutUs campaign asks for babies and toddlers to be included in Government’s catch-up efforts. 

To read about the campaign click here.

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