There are currently 46 parent-infant teams in the UK. Click on our map to find your nearest.

There are currently 46 established specialised parent-infant relationship teams around the UK.

The characteristics of an established team can be found here in our Toolkit.

In addition to the list below, there are also positive team developments happening across Scotland, Wales and in Nottingham.

If there are parent-infant teams that are not on this list, we are keen to know about them so that we can invite them to join the Parent-Infant Teams Network. Please do get in touch to let us know.

Team locations

You can use the directory below to search for your closest specialised parent-infant relationship team. Simply enter your postcode into the search box and the map will show results within 100-mile radius (shown by the yellow circle). You can change the search distance if you wish by using the distance dropdown list below. The filtered teams will be listed in the left-hand column in order of which is closest to your location. 

Click on a team in the left-hand column and the map will highlight its location, or click on any of the red pins on the map for further details.

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For more information on setting up a team, please check the toolkit and then get in touch

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