We bring together and support the infant mental health sector, provide clinical leadership and campaign for policy change

The Parent-Infant Foundation brings the sector together through collaborative leadership.

We work to advance thinking and practice, improve collective understanding, provide a much-needed national voice, and campaign for policy change.

If we are to achieve our vision of all babies having a sensitive, nurturing relationship, we believe we can make the biggest difference by:

1. Connecting

Through collaborative leadership we will bring together, support and enable the whole sector – everyone who works with and cares about parent-infant relationships – to share learning, support one another and speak with a united voice so that we can achieve more for all babies.

2. Catalysing

By bringing together local and national voices, and bridging the gap between academics, professionals and decision makers, we can drive changes that will lead to better relationships between babies and their parents.

We will do this specifically by:

  • Enabling and expanding specialised parent-infant relationship teams
  • Promoting and driving quality across the network of parent-infant relationship teams
  • Giving babies and the services that work with them a clear and compelling voice that shapes the national and local policy and practice agenda