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Parent-Infant Foundation reacts to publication of the Start for Life Vision

25 March 2021

We welcome Government’s commitment to improve the health of and wellbeing of babies in the first 1001 days, through the Start for Life Vision. Today’s review document provides a clear and detailed evaluation of the services, workforce and leadership needed to improve outcomes during this formative life stage. As the review acknowledges, more work is needed to ensure…

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COVID one year on – First 1001 Days Movement calls on Government for action for babies with #Whataboutus appeal

23 March 2021

The Parent-Infant Foundation is supporting the First 1001 Days Movement’s #WhatAboutUs appeal to help babies born in a year of Covid lockdowns. One year on from the first UK National Lockdown on 23 March 2020, the First 1001 Days Movement is launching the #WhatAboutUs appeal to raise awareness of the many important moments these lockdown…

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Top: Beckie Lang and Justin Irwin. Below L to R: Verona Blackford and Emma Francis

Staff changes at Parent-Infant Foundation

26 January 2021

With 2021 now well under way, the Parent-Infant Foundation is looking forward to an exciting year of developments as it sees staff additions and changes, including a change of Chief Executive. Firstly, the Foundation is delighted to welcome two new members of staff: Emma Francis as the Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Manager, and Verona Blackford…

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