We support the development, growth and quality of specialised parent-infant relationship teams

What we do

We have created a simple infographic which is a visual summary of the work of the Parent-Infant Foundation. The infographic explains what we offer for established and emerging teams including arm’s length support, bespoke consultation and advice. We detail our policy and campaigning work: advocating at a national level for parent-infant provision; supporting teams’ local conversations; organising Infant Mental Health Awareness week annually to raise awareness of the importance of early relationships and campaign for change; and leading the First 1001 Days Movement and co-ordinating the Conception to Age 2 All-Party Parliamentary Group. We also explain the benefits to teams of membership of the Parent-Infant Teams Network, a free multi-disciplinary collective that provides resources, briefings, regular network events and peer support.

You can download this as an A3 or A4 poster using the links below.

Across the UK, we support local areas in the following ways:

We have directly supported eight areas around the UK to set up and deliver specialised parent-infant relationship teams and continue to offer various types of support to many other established or emerging teams. This includes bespoke development, implementation and strategic consultation, advice and mentoring. We have learnt a lot from teams about how to set up strong and effective services, and we freely share these learnings via this website, our toolkit, conversations and partnerships.

Please contact us to find out more.

We invite every specialised parent-infant relationship team around the UK to join the national Parent-Infant Network. It is a free, multi-disciplinary collective that provides:

  • A space for shared learning and information
  • Continued professional development, peer discussions and mutual support

With the aim of:

  • Facilitating the sharing of resources, good practice and help with common challenges
  • Fostering a shared drive to improve the reach, quality and impact of teams

The Network offers:

  • A number of face-to-face events each year
  • The network newsletter and monthly newsbites which further facilitates networking and collaboration

Later this year we will begin a series of webinars on areas of shared interest. Anyone working within a team can join in – clinical and non-clinical staff.

We support parent-infant teams with information about how to use data, evidence and evidence-based practice to ensure high quality services. With the Parent-Infant Network, we are exploring the development of a set of quality indicators which existing and emerging teams could use to guide their quality-improvement work. 

The Parent-Infant Foundation provides free software and support to any specialised parent-infant relationship team in the UK to enable the collection of relevant data about their service.  The Foundation data portal tracks bespoke output and outcome data that statutory or off-the-shelf data management systems often miss. 

This helps local teams to:

  • Communicate more easily with stakeholders, funders and commissioners
  • Benchmark their performance against an anonymised national data set
  • Support their quality improvement work

Please feel free to discuss your needs with us.

Part of our mission is to convince national and local decision makers across the UK about the importance of policies and services to support parent-infant relationships, and specifically about the importance of specialised parent-infant relationship teams.  We co-ordinate the Conception to Age 2 All-Party Parliamentary Group and the First 1001 Days Movement.  Our most recent report Rare Jewels: Specialised Parent-infant Relationship Teams in the UK contains the most up-to-date analysis of provision across the UK and advocates for policy changes that will support the growth of services across the country.

The Parent-Infant Foundation is an evidence-based organisation:

  • We use and signpost to current evidence to assist our work with specialised parent-infant relationship teams and decision makers.
  • We support the creation of new evidence through our own research and evidence activities, the facilitation or commissioning of research, and through our support to local teams.