We coordinate the 1001 Days Movement to challenge local and national decision makers to do more to support babies’ emotional wellbeing

The 1001 Critical Days Movement campaigns to ensure that all babies have the best possible chance of a secure, nurturing early relationship.

  • We are an alliance of charities, academics, parliamentarians, practitioners and others.
  • We speak with a united voice about the importance of early relationships in giving every baby the best start in life.
  • We challenge local and national decision makers who are not doing enough for the youngest children.

The 1001 critical days are the period between conception and a child’s second birthday.  During this time of rapid growth, relationships with their parents and other caregivers are incredibly important. What happens during this time lays the foundations for future wellbeing development. Persistent difficulties in early relationships can have pervasive effects on many aspects of child development, with long term costs to individuals, families, communities and society.

Together, the Conception to Age Two All-Party Parliamentary Group and the wider 1001 Critical Days Movement raise awareness of the importance of this life stage. We share the compelling evidence about the role that early relationships play in children’s development. We advocate for policy changes  to increase the likelihood that all babies have the secure, nurturing relationships that they need to thrive.

We are working with our partners to make the Movement even more effective.

Since it's conception in 2013, the 1001 Days Movement has grown organically into a large community of over 800 professionals with a shared passion for change. Together we have raised awareness of the importance of the first 1001 days among politicians and policy makers around the UK.

We now feel it is time to review and refresh what we do to enable us to more successfully campaign for change. Between December 2019 and April 2020 we are working with our partners to co-create our future vision, strategy and plans to enable us to achieve more for babies and their families.

During this project we will work with all the individuals and organisations involved in the Movement to:

  • Clarify our shared vision and mission.
  • Agree our objectives for the next parliamentary period.
  • Understand what it means to be part of the movement, and decide how organisations work together.
  • Refresh the 1001 Days brand and identify how we can most effectively talk about our work.

Based on an extended period of consultation and co-production with over 500 people through phone interviews, online surveys, focus groups and workshops, we have developed three documents, which lay the foundations for the future of the Movement. These are:

  • A Vision and Mission Document which sets out our vision, mission, values and role.
  • A Membership Document which describes our future structure and terms of reference for members.
  • A Consensus Statement which sets out key principles about the importance of the first 1001 Days and the change we want to see.

We are currently seeking final comments on these documents from members of the Movement. They will be finalised at the end of February.

After that point, we will be asking people to sign up to the Movement, either as an organisational member or as an individual supporter.

The 1001 Days movement will be re-launched in April 2020.

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