New degree course: BA(Hons) Child and Family: Mental Health


The University of Warwick



Application deadline

December 31, 2024


Whether you work within or with the Education, Health, Social Care, or Voluntary sector, our innovative, flexible, and applied degree is ideal for you if you are passionate about actively supporting the mental health and well-being of children, families, and communities.

Informed by dimensions of happiness and well-being and associated concerns regarding societal progress in these areas, the degree empowers you in examining child and family mental health by taking a holistic approach, which also encompasses physical and social well-being and is viewed across the lifespan.

This degree aims to support you, as life-long learners and reflective practitioners in:

  • Striving to achieve the sustainable promotion and improvement of mental health and wellbeing for children and families that are at the heart of our practice;
  • Championing the voices of families so that they are positioned at the forefront of the policies created to support them;
  • Advocating for compassionate, ethical, and inclusive practices to support child and family mental health;
  • Practicing self-and collaborative leadership for the purposes of lifelong personal and professional development and the committed pursuit of best practice;
  • Embracing an eco-systems and relational approach to working with children and families;
  • Prioritising an evidence-based, research-informed approach to ensure that the highest quality and standards are maintained for children and families.

Two Pathways
This course provides you with the opportunity to either take the specialist award in BA(Hons) Child and Family: Mental Health (this pathway), or BA(Hons) Child and Family: Health and Wellbeing.

Within this Mental Health Pathway, you can expect to examine areas relating to:

  • Integrated Positive Practice in Mental Health and Wellbeing,
  • Trauma-Informed Practice with Families, and
  • Global Perspectives of Mental Health.

You will also design and conduct a piece of research focusing on an aspect of child and family mental health.

You may consider the alternative pathway and study towards BA(Hons) Child and Family: Health and Wellbeing.