We invite every team around the UK to join the Parent-Infant Network

The Parent-Infant Network is for all specialised parent-infant relationship teams around the UK. Every individual within each team is welcome and invited to join the Network. 

It is a free, multi-disciplinary collective that provides:

  • A space for shared learning and information
  • Continued professional development, peer discussions and mutual support

With the aim of:

  • Facilitating the sharing of resources, good practice and help with common challenges
  • Fostering a shared drive to improve the reach, quality and impact of teams

The Network offers:

  • Two face-to-face events each year
  • The Network Newsletter which further facilitates networking and collaboration

Later this year we will begin a series of webinars on areas of shared interest.


You can register for access to the network here.

Please note that access to the network is for people who are currently working in a specialised parent-infant relationship team as defined in Chapter 1 of our toolkit. We may contact you to confirm your details.