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Hints and tips when using online meeting spaces

26 March 2020

Virtual meetings can be a minefield for interruptions, technical glitches and frustration if not managed well. At the Parent-Infant Foundation, we have used online meeting spaces for some time and have found several useful things to make the time together more productive. We hope these might be useful for you too. Ahead of the meeting…

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Evidence-based self-care

26 March 2020

This is a short list of ideas for self-care during stressful times, which is by no means exhaustive. Many of these ideas you will already know and use. Much of it is common knowledge. Some ideas work, some of the times, for some people, but we are all very different so the most important thing…

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Covid-19 and working together

19 March 2020

We find ourselves in unchartered waters and the Parent-Infant Foundation appreciates how unsettling the current situation is for everyone at both work and at home. This includes specialised parent-infant relationship teams. We know that families with multiple disadvantages are, and will be, facing significant challenges in the coming months and possibly beyond. These are families…

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