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600,000 babies born in lockdown are overlooked.

In the year since we first locked down, over 600,000 babies living in England have been born and have lived their whole lives in lockdown. Many young families are missing out on vital early years support as their struggles have gone under the radar of professionals due to shortages in services, exacerbated by lockdown restrictions.

The Government has recently announced £1.7bn COVID catch-up funding for school children, but there has been no support for babies who are at risk having experienced lockdown during a particular important period in their development.

We're asking you to get involved to raise attention and not let our Government forget the under 2s.


Share your missed moments

We're asking you to share your babies missed moments directly with Rishi Sunak, asking why under 2s have been forgotten by the Government in the COVID catch-up funding.

You can download our milestone cards to share, or come up with your own creative way to tell your story. Just make sure you tag Rishi Sunak in your post to bring him into the conversation.


Email Rishi Sunak to call for action

We want to highlight the invisible under 2s, and ask you to send Rishi Sunak an email to help challenge the Government to urgently do more to help our nations babies.

Use our template message and assets, adding your own personal story to help raise awareness of the situation. If you know your local MP we recommend that you copy them in too.

Whilst we would love you to share pictures of your baby milestones, we also want to make sure you are comfortable in doing so and understand the potential risks of sharing identifiable images of your baby. Please do get involved with our campaign but in a way that you feel appropriate. You might want to share a picture of your baby’s hand without their face being visible, or if you don’t want to use a photo of them you can simply share one of our campaign images to join in.