Infant Mental Health Awareness Week runs every June to highlight the importance of babies' emotional wellbeing

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

The week provides an opportunity for everyone working, studying or simply interested in the emotional wellbeing of babies, to share work they are doing and activities they are engaged in to help raise awareness of this important part of early childhood development.

The week has been running annually since 2016 with input from a range of partners in the field of infant mental health.  It typically falls in the first half of June.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week will be running between June 7-12th in 2020.

The theme for this year's IMHAW is 2020 Vision: Seeing the world through babies' eyes.

This theme enables us to talk about:

What are our babies seeing? How is this affecting them?

We will be raising awareness of the factors that are currently putting babies’ mental health at risk, such as rising levels of poverty, and the impact of these adversities on babies’ development. This also allows us to talk about policy and service responses.

When you see the world through the eyes of a baby, what will change? (for you and them)

We will be encouraging professionals and policy makers to think about babies' needs and experiences.

Anyone can join in locally, using the week and the theme to highlight babies’ emotional well-being.  We update this page with more details of national plans and support for those planning local activities.

If there is specific activity you are planning please do get in touch so we can promote it and add it to the calendar of events for the week. The hashtag for the week will be #IMHAW20