Take the #IncludingInfants Pledge

Children and young people’s mental health should describe the mental health of all children from 0-18 and beyond, but often the needs of babies and toddlers under two get forgotten.

Changing our language to talk about "infant, children and young people's mental health" is a simple but powerful way to drive change.

We believe that small changes in language could catalyse wider changes in attitudes, understanding and eventually in policy and service provision.

That’s what the #IncludingInfants Pledge is all about. Through making this pledge, you are committing to talk about "infant, children and and young people's mental health" wherever appropriate and to include infants in more of your discussions, thinking and action to improve children's mental health.

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When you submit this form we will email you with confirmation that we have received your pledge and some resources that will help you spread the word.

It is also our intention to send pledgers an email in early 2022 to ask about your experiences of specifically considering infants in your decision making and any challenges you may have faced.

The Parent-Infant Foundation may also email you from time to time with updates and information relating to the #IncludingInfants pledge.

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