Traumatic Bereavement: Supporting Children in Early Years Settings course


Anna Freud




Online (Zoom)

Application deadline

March 20, 2024

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[email protected]


Experiencing bereavement as a child is likely to be difficult no matter what age, but for young children who are in the early stages of making sense of the world, the death of someone can be overwhelming and confusing. The way they understand the death can result in it being experienced as traumatic, leading to severe, long-lasting difficulties. 

We invite early years staff and foundation staff practitioners, to this evidence-based course developed by the UK Trauma Council on 21 March. Develop your understanding of traumatic bereavement and how to identify children in the early years who may be at risk. The course will additionally explore how to navigate difficult conversations with parents and carers of traumatically bereaved early years children and how you can effectively support such children. 

“[The tutor] Beck, delivered an incredibly powerful, useful and informative session.”

UK Trauma Council training delegate

Fee: £165