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Team insights on the first six weeks of working in lockdown

04 May 2020

Over these first weeks of lockdown, we have been talking to some of the specialised parent-infant relationship teams around the UK and hearing about their experiences, challenges and learning during the COVID19 crisis. Thank you to all the practitioners who have shared their insights. We’re sharing some of the themes here as we think they…

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Mum and baby hugging

Covid-19 and working together

19 March 2020

We find ourselves in unchartered waters and the Parent-Infant Foundation appreciates how unsettling the current situation is for everyone at both work and at home. This includes specialised parent-infant relationship teams. We know that families with multiple disadvantages are, and will be, facing significant challenges in the coming months and possibly beyond. These are families…

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Parent-Infant team Christmas 2019

A supercharged year

18 December 2019

A Supercharged Year The end of the year typically creates a pause for reflection on what the year has included – the highs, the lows, the ambitions for the year ahead. And this year is no exception. At the beginning of this year, we were PIP UK and a team of four. As we head…

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