First 1001 Days Movement calls for action for babies with new Evidence Briefs 

19 July 2021

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The First 1001 Days Movement is calling for action after recently launching a new set of ‘Evidence Briefs’.

The documents present a compelling case for national and local decision makers across the UK to value and invest in babies’ emotional wellbeing and development in the first 1001 days from conception to two, to give every child a strong foundation in the earliest years of life.  

This series of six Evidence Briefs set out the case for action in the first 1001 days. Together, they tell the story of why the first 1001 days is so important, describe the factors that are necessary to optimise the wellbeing of our babies and young children, and explain the current state of government policy and services for families in the first 1001 days. 

The briefs bring together a wide variety of data and research to highlight several key areas and really show why immediate action is needed. 

1. ‘The first 1001 days: An age of opportunity’ explains why it is so important to invest in babies’ emotional wellbeing and development. 

2. ‘The state of babyhood: What life is like for babies in the UK today’ collates research on parental wellbeing, pregnancy, birth and early development and shows a mixed picture of early childhood development in the UK today.  

3. ‘The benefits of nurturing care: How early interactions influence many aspects of our development’ presents that a baby’s early experiences, relationships and environment have clear impacts on their physical and mental development.  

4. ‘A decade of disinvestment: The loss of services for babies in England’  covers investment or lack of investment in support services for babies.  

5. ‘National and local variation in services for families in the first 1001 days’ highlights unwarranted variation in support available for babies and their families and how cuts to services like children’s centres and health visiting have impacted babies. 

6. The final Evidence brief ‘Investing in babies: The economic case for action’ looks at the unique opportunity investing in a child’s earliest years can have for them and the wider economy. 

As secretariat for The First 1001 Days Movement, The Parent-Infant Foundation is supporting the Movement’s calls to action as part of the Evidence Briefs. Across the UK, the Movement would like to see long-lasting changes for babies and their families, in particular strategic commitment and leadership and investment in the services that support babies and their families. 

To find out more and download the Evidence Briefs go to the First 1001 Days page

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