Covid-19 resources

Supporting families

Team insights on the first six weeks of working in lockdown

04 May 2020

Over these first weeks of lockdown, we have been talking to some of the specialised parent-infant relationship teams around the UK and hearing about their experiences, challenges and learning during the COVID19 crisis. Thank you to all the practitioners who have shared their insights. We’re sharing some of the themes here as we think they…

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Our call on Government to keep babies safe

08 April 2020

Today, 43 charities and professional bodies joined together to call on national and local decision makers to give urgent attention to the wellbeing of babies, toddlers and their parents during the COVID-19 crisis. The organisations issued a statement describing the huge risks faced by some babies and toddlers as a result of increased pressure on…

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Delivering Infant Mental Health Services by Phone or Video

30 March 2020

The Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health have produced a 2-page document (click here) about tips for delivering Infant Mental Health services via telephone/virtually. The priority right now is maintaining some form of contact with families, keeping the relationships going and hopefully providing some containment during this stressful period.  Reflective, productive therapeutic progress…

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