Delivering Infant Mental Health Services by Phone or Video

30 March 2020

Beautiful young interracial family at home with their cute daughter and little baby son.

The Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health have produced a 2-page document (click here) about tips for delivering Infant Mental Health services via telephone/virtually. The priority right now is maintaining some form of contact with families, keeping the relationships going and hopefully providing some containment during this stressful period.  Reflective, productive therapeutic progress may be unrealistic during this time but a tip from OXPIP is that sitting on the floor with toys during video contact can help the family mirror that at their end with their baby.   If you are grappling with new technology, it might be worth updating your consent forms to accommodate these new tools. 

We are also asking teams to share with us any new consent forms and privacy policies they develop during this time so that we can share with others.

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